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is an İstanbul based, Milan-footed company, born out of the dream shared by two sisters intending to bring the harmony of nature into our everyday adventure called 'life'. Our signature product, the Peshtemal towel, the name of which is Persian for a 100% cotton fabric that was originally meant as an apron atop of clothes, is now a traditional yet timeless piece to be used in all aspects of contemporary living.
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  • The Peshtemal is in fact the very first item of clothing known to the history of man. That timeless piece of cloth wrapped around the body to cover it up for centuries has now become multi-functional to meet the needs of contemporary life in organic, healthy, yet fashionable forms. Peshtemal towels weigh half of a regular towel. With its light texture, a peshtemal is easy to fold and take with you everywhere.

    Wrap it around you at the Spa, Bath or Gym and it will dry you immediately and dries out instantly. Wear it on you, and you will feel warmly and softly cuddled.

    Simply tie a knot in it and express your personal style with your very own peshtemal.
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